Concrete is popping up everywhere these days. It is cheap and incredibly versatile and is fast becoming the material of choice for designers and homeowners. This chic material has become the ideal solution for creating a design aesthetic that has a sophisticated and beautiful industrial edge. When you’re working with concrete, a contemporary aesthetic works best for a concrete interior design.  It creates a sleek modern look that ages well when pared with minimal furnishings and accessories.

If you are thinking of using concrete in your next project, take inspiration from these stylish concrete interior design ideas.

Shades of Grey Concrete Interiors

polished concrete design ideas

Here the architects used exposed concrete throughout the space. Concrete walls and floor with the exposed ceiling painted in a lighter shade of grey adds to the minimal style. A storage cabinet with a deep red mottled finish creates a pop of colour in the otherwise grey space.

polished concrete design ideas

The textured concrete slabs contrasts nicely against the smooth surfaces in the room. The dark furnishings and smooth lines complements the undisguised finish of the bare concrete interior.

This apartment in Taipei, Taiwan features curved and recessed concrete and clay walls throughout the space. Warm-coloured metals and wood, such as brass and copper, serve as a warm counterbalance to the concrete.

Pared-back Concrete Interiors

pared-back concrete interiors

This design balances minimalism with homely, cosy features. The polished concrete floors accentuates the clean lines and minimalist feeling of the space while the wood beams and window frame adds texture and warmth to the room.

This is the perfect example where concrete is used to create a lovely contrast to its surroundings. The polished concrete floors draws in light and the soft furniture creates a space that is warm and cozy while further textural interest is added by the leafy potted plant.

Light and Airy Concrete Interiors

light and airy concrete interiors

This airy, light-filled dining space is grounded by the grey concrete accent wall, which contrasts nicely with the white walls. The black factory pendants adds to the aesthetic of the space to create a  modern, minimalist look.

Here the concrete adds texture and visual interest in this modern and minimalistic space. The neutral decor and natural wood textures provides uniformity and balance. The smooth surface of the concrete floors really bounces the light around to make the space feel bigger.

If you were unsure about trying concrete these concrete interior design ideas should convince you to give this once-commercial material a place of honour in your home.