Polished concrete is an incredibly versatile material that is fast becoming the material of choice for designers and homeowners alike. It’s on trend aesthetic adds a luxurious touch of contemporary elegance to every setting. Combined with minimal furnishings and accessories it can create a sleek modern look that is chic and stylish and ages well. It brings a subtle yet sophisticated edge to interiors, enhancing the depth and warmth of the space.

Here are a few reasons why interior designers and homeowners are falling in love with polished concrete.

concrete floors for a light and airy feel


Polished concrete probably isn’t the first material to come into mind when thinking about adding lightness to a space. However, it lends a light, airy, ethereal feel to any room. Its smooth surface helps to make the space feel open. It can work beautifully to create zen, spa-like atmosphere in any space. High glossed, concrete floors bounces light around to make rooms appear larger. You can use it in small kitchen and dining rooms to make them feel spacious.  Polished concrete floors works particularly well in open concept applications.

concrete feature wall and concrete table


Polished concrete is available in a wide array of colours and finishes. It is a beautiful addition to any environment. From concrete floors to tiny bits of decor, this material can be incorporated into nearly any  design aesthetic. It can be stained to give it beautiful veins and a marbling effect and comes in bright colours. You can partially paint it to create a contrast to the natural texture and colour. You can also apply polished concrete to furniture creating bespoke pieces that stand out adding a real wow factor to your home.

concrete feature wall


Polished concrete is a great way to make a style statement.  You can integrate it into your home beautifully in small or large doses. It can be used it for an accent wall to add a bold punch of texture and visual interest to any space. You can combine it with neutral decor and natural wood textures to provide uniformity and balance in your space. Smooth furniture with contemporary lines and plants can also be used to balance and soften the rough finish of concrete. The subdued, unobtrusive nature of concrete is great for grounding a bold space that’s rich in colours and patterns.

concrete bathroom


Polished concrete is great to incorporate in interiors because its relatively inexpensive to create, extremely durable, hypoallergenic and low maintenance. The seamless and water proof nature of polished concrete lends itself to bathroom and wet room settings. Additionally, its resistance to mould, mildew and bacteria provide further peace of mind. It is particularly great for sinks and countertops because it’s durable and easy to clean. This material is also a great long term solution because it provides a blank canvas that makes changing your interior design easy.

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